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The RUTH Declaration


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We, as Christians who are dedicated to upholding the truth as expressed in the Word of God, pledge to take up the mantle of Ruth, the Righteous Gentile.

We repent of tolerating antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments — known in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament as the doctrine of Balaam — in our churches and communities.

We repent and ask the Jewish community to forgive us for neglecting the admonition of our Christian scriptures for almost two thousand years.

We join in the words of Jesus as recorded in Revelation 2:14-17 in denouncing and renouncing the doctrine of Balaam and calling to repentance the individuals, churches, and communities who have professed faith in Christ but have embraced the doctrine of Balaam.

We pledge to demonstrate our support for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in both word and action.

We pledge to promote a Biblically sound understanding of the Jewish people and their contributions to the sacred texts and spiritual principles of our Christian faith and of the God-given role Israel and its land have played in world events for millennia.

We pledge to uphold the God-given, indigenous rights of the Jewish people to dwell in their ancestral homeland and to experience safety and security in their land — free from terror.

We pledge to reject efforts by Israel’s enemies to claim as their own what God has given to the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

We pledge, like Ruth, to reverse the curse of Balaam by calling out professing Christians — modern-day “Balaams” — who proclaim “peace, peace” while they are working directly or indirectly with Israel’s enemies — present-day “Balaks” — to attack, curse, demonize, and undermine the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

We pledge to urge Israel’s enemies and those who coordinate efforts with them to repent.

We pledge, like Jesus, to never tolerate in our midst those embracing the doctrine of Balaam, knowing full-well that Jesus, the Word made Flesh (John 1:14), has promised to fight against them with the sword of His mouth — the Word of God.

We pledge, like Jesus (and his disciples and apostles), to love and embrace the Jewish people as they are, and the State of Israel as it is.

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Sign the RUTH Declaration to add your voice to the movement combating the doctrine of Balaam — antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiments —  in churches.